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throwback to managing international multicultural teams

I had to choose a few pictures to add to a presentation in preparation for work next week on managing multicultural international teams in urban & remote contexts. Diversity was a given - the focus was on inclusive team & community practice with highly skilled experts with complex workplans. We were beyond acceptance and belonging seeking to best serve those that needed us. I found this pic of our team in Botswana for Australian Red Cross operations which I lead as Representative for Southern Africa. As a tripartite diplomat, I travelled for years about half every month from my Joburg base across several countries. Every place I adapted to culture and followed the rules, it was not always possible & sometimes difficult negotiation in my role but I was welcomed and respected. I felt home there. I shall always miss the open landscapes, the people & tswana culture. Botswana does not fence wildlife, it was a roadlife treat or greeting large ear flapping elephants in the morning silence on the road to Gweta or with a sundowner in Kasane. Memories of many a light aircraft trip and flying over the Okavango delta, baie lekker food stops along the way, long hot distances in the dusty 4x4 pajero, the open road, party nights in the desert, my dear driver & friend Potso and working with Mr G as leader in Tonata. It's where I learned far more than I bargained. An ode to @cushlamary epidemiologist an ace team member whose TB HIV program in the Kalahari made a difference to many and we stayed friends. Gratitude to the Government of Botswana and local police that welcomed me as a citizen and were thankful for our work with the Botswana Red Cross and the International Federation of the Red Cross in Africa


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