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Inclusion Trust Belonging

I lived and travelled to different places, my memories linger as if I expect to see some people again. My past work was challenging, different contexts, countries, people, cultures but where a connection was essential, where I loved, was cared for & trusted I found beauty, passion and grace in remote towns, where touch of hands was comfort and a smile and greeting was warmth & inspiration at the start of a workday in an unfamiliar place. Fostering openness and trust was essential to collaboration. Here I also learned alot about other leaders. Every culture has its own rules, some overt - most covert, you have to feel your way when it's unknown. Even if I forgot, the connection was respect. Understanding emotions & vulnerability was part of finding solutions. I experienced more inclusive cultures whilst as individuals we are generally exclusive egotistic beings. We learn to care or not. I have never belonged to a single culture, religion, ethnicity, nation - it's how others made me feel that allowed me to belong there & hopefully I made others feel the same. Live life fully to understand diversity and inclusion in essence, we are then aware of nuanced interactions, constructs such as personal, structural & media bias, what respect entails, you would have felt shut out at times and other times acknowledge your privilege. Intuition grows into instinctively knowing how to navigate & embrace different people. Leaders who work intrinsically, can craft an altered vision, be there as a safehaven, offer acceptance, knowledge, boundaries and guidance. Beauty is unlimited, if we can see it beyond stereotypes, adornment & adoration - when it is met with love, care & trust, it's palpable, it's inspiring, its real, seen, felt - Leadership it's an #insidejob

Pic. Jimmy Nelson


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