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About, G

I love the human dynamic. I have a unique way of understanding personalities, relating to others and getting to the core of the issues. Skills as an analyst, mediator/negotiator allows me to fully absorb a context, provide advisory and plan forward. As a trainer and adviser, I bring clarity, structure, enthusiasm, and humour to complex subjects. I believe inclusive leadership is core to inspiring, guiding and developing talent & potential. In my experience, when we offer inclusion, empower and protect employees we better not just the organisations we work in for a better employee experience but it filters into our personal lives.

GERALDINE MOODLEY                       


Principal adviser/trainer


Gerri is my nickname, most people call me G. I am a Dutch, Australian, South African and of mixed ethnic origin, which makes intercultural relations a field I know very well. I am a project director human rights lawyer with 25 years combined experience in customer relations, training, project management, campaign & brand development, corporate social responsibility and directing specific project (operations) international organisations. I have been part of organisational development in many contexts including for Nelson Mandela. I have worked as CSR adviser, mediator and negotiator as well as an adviser to governments, management and Boards.


Through senior positions, in high-performing multicultural, agile and sometimes remote teams, I have experienced diversity and inclusion from an organisational perspective and close in relation to interpersonal communication, organisational development, strategy, optimal team dynamics and achieving business goals. Having lead teams, working with and studying a vast array of international leaders, I have drilled down the integral elements of the inclusive leader which is much needed in our current climate as part of a global mindset.

Advisory and course training tie in both professional & personal perspectives. I am an avid writer and hope to produce a series capturing the experiences of others, inclusive leaders, clients and my own to pay it forward for a changing workplace culture. I work with business partners in training, advisory and consulting assignments.

My clients are national and international organisations and I served as Director Diversity Equity and Inclusion  - Europe Middle East Africa for Nike 2021 -2022. I currently advise local and state government on matters of teams, social safety, culture and inclusion. 


I speak on subjects raised in the dialogue on inclusion, culture, safety and leadership. I work on creative ways to communicate equality. For speaking engagements or collaboration 

Definition catalyst. ... a person or thing that precipitates an event or change:  A person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic.

Photography - Angele Etoundi Essamba

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