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HR Software helping diversity

TECHNOLOGY ADVANCING DIVERSITY & INCLUSION . Last week Monday I had a great breakfast briefing from HR partner expert and trainer on software for managers & human resources for talent acquisition, management & development. Elaborate software - data systems - encompass the HR cycle from job application, interviewing, hiring, performance, skills development to the promotion of suitable employees. Bias & discrimination often the barrier in all stages is circumvented or lowered instead of relying on sole manager discretion & evaluation, which is often unreliable and inaccurate simply because its a single perspective. In terms of a final job round, 'culture fit' is eliminated if there is a suitable match. Innovative software provides large organisations support which is much needed for managers of bigger teams where it is essential to track information that contributes to optimal decision making, for the benefit of future operations and the employee in terms of development and promotion. Advanced technology will also monitor diversity & inclusion in a format that allows transparency & accountability.

diversity blend


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