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Workshops and lectures ensures Diversity and Inclusion is implemented in a holistic and integrated way,  from Board, leaders, managers through to HR and the workfloor. The World Economic Forum predicts a great need for certain skills in the workplace by 2020, amongst others excellent interpersonal communication, ability to handle conflict, to work across departments and teams for innovation & emotional intelligence which is synonymous with global leadership.

Workshop: Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion - 3 hrs

This workshop is for staff & managers who want to gain an understanding of diversity and inclusion, especially in relation to the business context. After this introductory session, managers with or without previous knowledge of diversity and inclusion will be better able to grasp the subject, distill concepts presented in the workshop and translate these to their particular business. In addition, they can retain our advisory services to map and guide efforts in a structured consultancy. The workshop is comprised of active learning, which is the foundation, combined with lectures and interactive discussions that enhance further understanding of diversity and inclusion. 

Lecture: Diversity & Inclusion: The Business Case - for Leaders, Executive Managers and Boards – 1.5 hrs


This is a concise lecture aimed at decision-makers responsible for incorporating and integrating diversity and inclusion at all levels of the business, not just as a component of CSR. The lecture is foundational in essence, and can be an informative prelude to a strategic business advisory or plan for your organisation. It presents the business case for diversity and inclusion in light of markets, demographics and a global economy. The lecture addresses leadership and how best efforts can be approached strategically. The presentation is set in light of current trends that chart the top ten skills needed by 2020, and how this ties into the greater organisational development, the barriers to implementing initiatives effectively and ways to overcome them. The lecture also maps out specific aspects of diversity and inclusion and their relationship to public engagement, corporate culture and the triple bottom line.    

Workshop: Handling Discrimination Cases – 1 day

This workshop is geared to provide guidance and support to HR practitioners and managers on the frontlines handling incoming cases of discrimination. This one-day course focuses on firstly understanding the scope and forms of this subject, how to handle cases of discrimination, learn from potential scenarios and to deal with it effectively. Participants are guided in how to maintain a dossier, identify the grounds for discrimination and how to break down the specific acts of discrimination, synthesising the in-house procedures and the legal requirements under ARBO regarding the well-being of the affected employee. Additionally, the communication cycle module outlines the optimal communication flow with all parties; the individual concerned, the team, other managers and potential external stakeholders. Furthermore, we look at finding gaps and strengthening the procedures in place that assist in confidentiality, reporting, mediating and resolving conflict. Finally, we discuss how we bring this together in relation to organisational culture and leadership, and how you can translate data and procedures into effective diversity, inclusion and HRD efforts, ensure the retention of talent, prevent walkouts and legal issues. We wrap up mapping ways to turn negative incidences into positive decisions and strategies for the organisation.

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